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2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box

Baseball » Boxes » 2015 » 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box


Configuration: 24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.


Kris Bryant will have autographed cards in the set.


- Mini Metal Parallel Cards
- Pop Star Relics
- The Amateur Osteologist Skeleton Relic Cards
- Box Loader Mini Packs Featuring An Exclusive Parallel

Three of The Following per Hobby Box
- Autographs
- Relics
- Cut Signatures
- Allen & Ginter Originals
- Rip Cards - 1 per Hobby case!


350 veterans, rookies, public figures, and non-baseball champions. The last 50 card numbers are short-printed and inserted 1:2 packs.

 Mini Parallel - A miniature version of the base cards.
 Allen & Ginter Back - Featuring  an Allen & Ginter logo back.
 Allen & Ginter Black-Bordered
 Allen & Ginter No Number - Limited to 50.
 Allen & Ginter Flag Back - Featuring a specially created Allen & Ginter flag parallel back  and hand-numbered to 25.
 Allen & Ginter Wood -  Hand-numbered 1 of 1.  HOBBY ONLY
 Printing Plates - Featuring all  four plates used to print every mini parallel and mini exclusive card. Framed and numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY
 Mini Parallel Pack An exclusive mini pack featuring 5 red mini parallel cards of the base set. 1 Per Hobby Case.

 Allen & Ginter Metal - Printed on actual metal stock. Sequentially numbered to 3. HOBBY ONLY
 Allen & Ginter Cloth Cards - Printed on cloth and framed. Sequentially numbered to 10. HOBBY ONLY


Allen & Ginter Mini Buybacks
Cards from the first three years will be bought back and stamped with the 10th Anniversary logo. 1 per box HOBBY ONLY

Allen & Ginter Buyback Autographs
Mini cards of players will be bought back, signed, stamped with the 10th Anniversary logo, and framed in a special 10th Anniversary frame. Hand-numbered to 10.

Allen & Ginter Autograph Buybacks
Framed autographs from previous releases will be bought back, stamped with the 10th Anniversary logo, and reframed in a special 10th Anniversary frame. Numbered to 10.

10th Anniversary Parallel
The entire base set will be paralleled with the addition of the 10th Anniversary logo. Numbered to 10

Allen & Ginter Full-Size Buybacks
Cards from the first three years of Topps Allen & Ginter will be bought back and stamped with the 10th Anniversary logo. 2 per box HOBBY ONLY


Allen & Ginter Autographs
Framed mini cards featuring on-card autographs from MLB superstars, and over 30 other non-baseball athletes, champions, and personalities.

Cut Signatures
20 cards featuring certified cut signatures of political and historical figures. Numbered 1 of 1.

RIP CARDS (Hobby Only)
100 cards featuring MLB stars, sequentially numbered and HOBBY ONLY. Keep it or RIP it? The choice is yours. If you rip it, inside you'll find one of the following:

Artist's Originals
30 actual, original, 1-of-1 paintings on a mini card and only found in Rip Cards.

Allen & Ginter Red Autographs
On-card autographs from some of the autograph subjects, signed in red and hand-numbered in red to 10.

Allen & Ginter Mini Exclusives
50 cards numbered 351-400 and found only in Rip Cards, these are mini-card variations of players' base cards.

Allen & Ginter Mini Wood Exclusives
A wood parallel of the mini exclusives. Numbered 1 of 1.

Allen & Ginter Mini Metal Exclusives
A metal parallel of the mini exclusives. Numbered to 3.

These limited edition RIP cards can be ripped on both sides! Inside, you'll find one of the RIP card exclusive inserts, or a special insert available ONLY in Double RIP cards

Allen & Ginter Red Autograph Buybacks
Red autographs from throughout Ginter's history will be bought back and stamped with the "10th Anniversary" logo. Double Rip Card exclusive.

And returning this year...

Hidden inside the Double Rip Card could be another, smaller Rip Card. Inside this card you could find a Mini Mini Parallel Card of one of the 400 base subjects, including Mini Exclusives, or a redemption card for a full set of Framed Relic cards. Numbered.

Allen & Ginter Relics
Once again, Allen & Ginter will feature three different relic card designs! One will be a framed mini card featuring relics from over 40 MLB superstars. Two other designs will feature full-sized relics from more MLB stars, as well as the other Champions and Personalities. No box will contain two of the same relic design.


Allen & Ginter Book Cards
50 book cards that will be either single-player autograph relic cards or dual-player autograph cards. Numbered to 10. HOBBY ONLY


Full-Sized Inserts

Allen & Ginter Framed Originals
100 framed original Allen & Ginter buybacks. Numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY

Starting Points
100 cards focusing on MLB stars and their debuts in the Bigs.

Ancient Armory
See the weapons used by soldiers and warriors of the past.

Menagerie of the Mind
Mythological creatures!

What Once Would Be
This is the Future the Past expected.

What Once Was Believed
Some ideas fall out of favor.

Great Scott!
Some of the greatest scientific discoveries in history.

Starting Points are inserted 1:2 PACKS while all other full-sized inserts are a combined 1:2 PACKS.

Mini Inserts

First Ladies
Highlighting First Ladies from throughout history.

Hoist the Black Flag
The scourges of the high seas.

Magnates, Barons, & Tycoons
Captains of industry.

Birds of Prey
They rule the skies.

Mythological Menaces
Taunters and tempters from stories from around the world.

A World Beneath Our Feet

Overall insertion rate for mini inserts is 1:5 packs.


Pride of the People Cabinet Box Loaders
Cabinet-sized cards featuring monuments from around the world.

Over-sized Reprints Cabinet
Box Loaders Cabinet-sized cards featuring reprints of 10 superstars' base cards.

Cabinet Relics
10 cabinet-sized box loaders featuring relics you can't find anywhere else - full jersey pieces featuring player's names or numbers. Numbered 1 of 1.

Cabinet Book Relics 10 more cabinet-
sized box loaders featuring relics you can't find anywhere else - full jersey pieces featuring player's names or numbers - and this time they're books, featuring two full relics! Numbered 1 of 1.

Box Loader Inserts
An all-new style for the box loader inserts.

Box Loader Relics
Hand-numbered to 25.

Box Loader Autographs
Hand-numbered to 15.

Box Loader Autographed Relics
Hand numbered to 5.

Box Loader Cut Signatures
Hand numbered 1 of 1.

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